Celtic Cemetery Repair is located in central Cape Breton(Point Aconi, NS) and provides service to all areas of the island.
At Celtic Cemetery Repair, we are specialized in the renovation of old damaged memorials. We have extensive knowledge in the cleaning, painting and resetting of monuments. In addition, we provide a foundation refurnishing service.
Have you walked through your community cemetery lately? Do you visit a stone belonging to a loved one there? Does it need repairing? Celtic Cemetery Repair is here to help!
You can trust us to provide a thorough cleaning of sculptures, gravestones, and monuments, using professional cleaning techniques to ensure unnecessary surface damage.
We can help to improve the longevity of monuments and gravestones by offering quality repair services.
Foundation Refurnishing:
Celtic Cemetery Repair provides refurnishing to damaged monument foundations to avoid unnecessary replacement costs.
We provide landscaping to help maintain plots by getting rid of unsightly rocks and dead grass. Celtic Cemetery Repair can help ensure plots look their best by providing new soil and seeding.
We offer a painting service to restore and protect monuments from harmful weathering. Painting can greatly improve the visibility of names and dates. In addition, it provides stones with a clean and like-new appearance.
We provide releveling of large momumental stones(without the need for heavy equipment). You can trust us to correct any monument lean-overs with the utmost care.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about our services.
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